Planas agrees to transfer next week the €14 million in aid for crops in La Palma

Planas agrees to transfer next week the €14 million in aid for crops in La Palma

From Asprocan they ask for a system to help lost production, especially that of Plátano de Canarias.

The Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, has transferred the support of his Government to the Plátano de Canarias and has confirmed that next week it will be transferred to the Government of the Canary Islands a first batch of 14 million euros in aid for the non-marketable cultivation of La Palma.

That was the announcement that Planas made today at a meeting with the Association of Producer Organizations of Canary Islands Bananas (Asprocan) on behalf of all the Producer Organizations.

This first package is included in the royal decree-law on aid measures approved by the Council of Ministers on October 5, which contemplates an initial aid of 20.8 million euros. Of these, 14 million were intended for direct compensation to owners of agricultural and livestock farms for the damages suffered. And here the banana plantations of the Canary Islands are the most affected.

The necessary budget for the application of measures proposed by Asprocan far exceeds this first item confirmed by the minister, but it is true that “the most urgent thing is that farmers receive direct aid in the very short term,” they point out.

From the association, they assure EL ESPAÑOL-Invertia that Losses in the Canarian Banana sector exceed 100 million eurosof which in farm losses are around 60 million.

More help

From Asprocan they ask for a system of aid for lost production, which guarantees compensation until completing the historical kg corresponding to the end of the 2022 campaign and aid to producers and packaging for the maintenance of work activity and the productive fabric -susceptible to be included in the funds already approved for the extraordinary employment plan.

They also took advantage of the meeting to rexclaim aid and compensation for losses in infrastructure and equipment for both producers and packaging. And in the case of having lost land, guarantee of maintaining the condition of farmer receiving aid.

In the case of the Food Chain Law, Minister Planas has confirmed that for his part no obstacle will be placed on the maintenance of the seventh additional provision that is contemplated in the law that came out of Congress, he has stressed that it is time to be united and that it will respect what is requested by the sector.

In relation to aid for the transport of bananas, the President of the Government of the Canary Islands has conveyed his conviction that in the process of amendments a solution can be found to comply with the REF that establishes compensation of 100% of the effective cost.


Likewise, Luis Planas has asked the European Commission to apply an exception to the farmers of La Palma so that they can receive aid from the Community Support Program for Agricultural Production in the Canary Islands (Posei), linked to marketing, during the time they cannot produce or sell their products as a result of the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

This exceptionality was already requested by letter yesterday to the Commissioner for Agriculture of the European Union (EU), Janusz Wojciechowski. Spain has requested its inclusion in the agenda of the Council of Agriculture Ministers of the EU for the next 15 and 16 November and the support of the other Member States for this request.

The minister stressed in the letter that, given the seriousness and exceptionality of the circumstances, the European Commission will explore “How can we use the help of Posei, making the legal modifications that are necessary, to support the affected farmers, as long as they cannot recover their normal activity. He has trusted that this matter, because it is a cause of “force majeure and absolutely exceptional” will be recognized for this 2021.

Banana cultivation is the most affected by the eruption of the volcano, and is also the main recipient of POSEI aid, which represent around 270 million euros per year globally in the islands as a whole, to which by 2022 the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food will add another 18 million euros to its budget.

Ellsworth Weber