HM Hospitales improves its turnover and raises it to 466 million despite the Covid-19

HM Hospitales improves its turnover and raises it to 466 million despite the Covid-19

This increase is due to the incorporation of new assets in Barcelona.

Exteriors of the HM Nou Delfos Hospital.

HM Hospitales closed 2020 with a total turnover of 466 million euros. According to the company’s corporate report, this represents a growth of 0.26% compared to 2019 in a year in which the Hospital sector was especially punished by Covid-19.

In fact, according to the company, this “slight growth in turnover” is due to the incorporation of new assets in Barcelona, ​​such as HM Nou Delfos. However, if what is being compared are similar business structures, turnover has fallen by 6.1 million euros compared to 2019 due to the effect of Covid-19 with unequal behavior in the different geographical areas where the hospital company has a presence.

In Madrid, HM Hospitales grows by 1.3 million euros thanks to non-health items. The turnover related to training increased by 0.8 million and that related to R+D+i continued to rise with an increase in income of 1.2 million. On the other hand, the rest of the turnover decreased by 0.8 million.

Instead, all business areas of Galicia they lose billing, with a cut of 4.7 million euros, of which 4.6 million correspond to healthcare billing. The state of alarm greatly affects the first semester, with decreases of -6.1 million in just three months.

For its part, HM Hospitales business in León generates growth in billing thanks to the recruitment of patients after the closure of several centers of the competition. Both HM San Francisco and HM Regla show strong growth, leading the perimeter as a whole to a growth of 1.7 million.


After this period and today, the number of workers of the hospital group is close to 5,300with 81% permanent employment and more than 4,000 associated doctors.

“At HM Hospitales we have focused our efforts on responding adequately to the pandemic and we have dedicated a good part of our budget to the huge purchase of protective material for our health professionalswith whom we owe a debt for the effort made, the acquisition of health technology such as respirators and in adapting our facilities to expand our ICU capacity”, he highlights Alejandro Abarca CidonCEO of HM Hospitales.

“In the same way, and after months of hiatus, we have tried toeactivate our healthcare services and incorporate digital transformation processes to face and respond to the challenges posed by the pandemic”, he added.

In fact, the company has taken advantage of the crisis to accelerate various processes of digital and healthcare transformation to adapt to new needs such as the implementation of video consultation, the promotion of omnichannel and the improvement in access to patient health data have focused much of this structural change.

Juan Abarca, president of HM Hospitals.

Juan Abarca, president of HM Hospitals.

It should be remembered that at the end of 2020 the green light was given to the construction of the Group’s eighth hospital center in the Community of Madrid with the creation of the future general medical-surgical hospital in Rivas Vaciamadrid, which will be operational at the end of 2022.

The HM Rivas Hospital will be attached to the Valdeluz Rivas Nursing Home and both facilities have in their design the health lessons learned from Covid-19, which will represent an example of how the pandemic has transformed the healthcare and socio-health offer.

Also throughout 2020, the Group’s flagship hospital in Catalonia was extensively renovated, leading to its reopening in June 2021, after an investment of more than 30 million euros, from the Hospital HM Nou Delfos.


During 2020, the HM Hospitales centers served more than 477,000 emergencies82,900 hospital discharges were granted and 47,366 surgeries were performed.

Similarly, more than 9.1 million laboratory studies, 2.8 million outpatient consultations and more than 820,000 radiological studies were carried out.

These care figures are completed with the performance of 41,828 endoscopies and 22,838 outpatient surgeries. It so happens that youears These indicators, except the one related to births (5,973, 1% more), have experienced decreases in relation to 2019, motivated by the moments of exception and health emergency that have been experienced.

Among these figures are the more than 40,000 patients treated for Covid-19 during 2020 in the Group’s hospitals. Specifically, 4,286 patients were admitted for this pathology to HM Hospitales centers, of which 5.5% have needed to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for long periods of time.

“East It has been the hardest year of our lives. and I only have words of thanks for the health and non-health professionals that make up the HM Hospitales family”, he indicates. Juan Abarca Cidonpresident of HM Hospitals.

“During almost all of 2020 and so far in 2021, we have focused on caring for Covid-19 patients without neglecting the rest of the patients and pathologies. From the management we understood that the priority was to respond adequately to the pandemic and make ourselves available to public administrations and society so that together we can all face the needs arising from the pandemic. This work has emptied us as a company, but we are all sure that it is what we had to do”.

Ellsworth Weber