A strong country is a country that has strong companies

A strong country is a country that has strong companies

More and more companies seek financial services in firms such as Renta 4 Corporate, so that they can help improve their solidity.

Elías Rodríguez-Viña, CEO of Renta 4 Corporate.

The investment banking’Made in Spain is having a growing presence between the companies that want to grow and internationalize. Faced with the global giants of corporate banking, entities such as Renta 4 bench stand out the added value that a closer advisor to companies can offer.

In the world of the 21st century, and even more so in the post-covidit will be important, even necessary, for any entrepreneur to have a trusted adviser in corporate finance, just like is have a lawyer or a tax advisor trustworthy

“We see some very well-managed companies with very valuable entrepreneurs who end up having problems, even disappearing, for making the wrong decisions in their financial approach.. a bad structure financial with an excessive burden of debt, lack of capital long-term to address expansion processes or inadequate corporate governance are problems that can and should be avoided”, advises Elías Rodríguez-Viña, CEO of Renta 4 Corporate.

Elías Rodríguez-Viña, Renta 4 Corporate.

Elías Rodríguez-Viña, Renta 4 Corporate.

Renta 4 has worked with companies successful What Gigs, Izertis, Making Science or Cuatroochenta Solutions, helping them with your corporate finances and also on the internal professionalization. Your trading history reflects the good work they are doing ands it is also allowing growth with acquisitions. yesus customers look favorably on be a listed company, because transparency contributes to greater credibility.

Renta 4 also advised MoreMobilein its listing to the MaB and in its first capital increases. Years later, MoreMobile has become the fourth telecommunications operator in Spain and has acquired Euskaltel in what is a show of force.

From Proeduca to LLYC

Last year, Renta 4 participated in a private placement of actions from Proeduca (currently capitalized around 800 million euros, being the largest company in BME Growth), in your processandI need to increase the necessary liquidity for his next jump to the first market. Now the team of Rent 4 is working on the incorporation to BME Growth from the communication consultancy Llorente y Cuenca (LLYC).

“In Spain there are many high-quality companiesbut in many cases needs ton gain size and go abroad. Our work in Renta 4 is help Spanish companies to grow with solid foundations and we believe that improving your financial models is essential when it comes to gaining size”affirms Rodríguez-Vina.

On the ground of financing via capital markets (fixed rent)there’s also a long way to go for Spanish companies. Renta 4 just helped GAM in the MARF with a five-year bond issue for an amount of 30 million euros. This operation allows the company to rethink its financial structure and enable a financing mechanism to its new stage of growth after the entry of Francisco riverbanks on his shareholding.

For Rodríguez-Viña, “is fundamental that the relationship between companies and their investors is beneficial for both, getting a proper balance between return on investment and cost of financing, taking into account the specific circumstances in which each company finds itself”.

After a year and a half of the pandemic, the Spanish bank estimates that “there is going to be a strong increase in demand for services from this investment bank, and is It is good that there are more trained professionals, with more experience, who do their job better and better. Renta 4 has a highly trained professional team that understands the needs of companies very well and seriously works side by side with them to meet their needs..

technology and health

The technology sector is transforming economic activity within a very competitive landscape, but “Spain has small companies and this market is very international.” Hence, there is a great need to grow and finance that growth. This growth is also being driven by increased acquisition activity of companies in the technology sector and also in other sectors such as the private health. Noteworthy is the case of Atry’s Healtha company that Renta 4 has helped in successive increases and bond issues and that will soon be incorporated into the first market.

AND is that, as he underlines, “Having a larger size gives you access as a company to larger contracts and more demanding projects.” It also favors the retention of talent: “Is It is very important that companies can offer their employees professional careers. If you can’t satisfy him in such a competitive world, don’t be surprised that talent is Wow”.

In general, Rodríguez-Viña believes, “we are actively contributing to the improvement of companies and, therefore, of the economy and society.” a strong country is a country that has strong companies.

Ellsworth Weber